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SUP-2400 Converter module

DIRECTV sup-2400 b band converter b band converter (BBC) module. for KA-lo band up conversion must be installed on the receiver. It has a threaded male F connector, and should be connected to the Satellite In coaxial jack on the back of the receiver. The converter also has a female F type input to receive the signal from the satellite dish. This converter up-converts the satellite signal transmitted in the Ka-band (250-750 MHz) into a 1650-2150 MHz useable signal.

Primary use is as detailed above, however, these are increasingly popular for modification for up-converting 70cm to 23cm for use with DATV reception. Details on these mods are readily available on several internet web sites and various magazines.

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  • Model: SUP2400

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 23 October, 2014.